Since starting this project, we have been humbled by the generosity and support we have received. We have great ambitions for the project over the long-term and cannot achieve this alone.

We are reliant on monetary donations to pay teachers' salaries and to fund ongoing construction / development at the school. Should you wish to make a donation we pledge that 100% of the funds we receive will be spent on the project – there are no deductions for administration or overhead costs.

You can also help by arranging to visit the community/school as part of your stay in Victoria Falls – or mention it to friends or family who may be in the area. If you have any spare space in your bag then consider bringing out some useful supplies. If you have an old laptop lying around (or perhaps a friend or neighbor may have one) please consider donating it to the school as it will make a huge difference to the kids.

In terms of general provisions, the teachers are always in need of supplies of stationery and school equipment. Please contact us for advice on what to bring.

For those with a little more time available please consider a volunteer placement at the school. It is guaranteed to be a life-enriching experience!